• Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona: M.S., Civil Engineering
  • Middlesex College, England: Post Graduate Studies, Highway/Traffic Engineering
  • Exeter University, Exeter, Devon, England: B.S., Chemical Engineering


Professional Registration

  • P. E. Civil Engineering, Colorado and California
  • P. E. Traffic Engineering, California

Representative Assignments

In addition to engineering consulting, expert witness and training services provided through his company, Traffex Engineers, the following provides a representation of Nazir Lalani’s previous positions:



Centennial Engineering, Inc

  • Transportation Engineer involved in assembling traffic volume data, O D interview data, and a traffic control device inventory for the Fort Bliss, Texas, Transportation Study. Redesigned traffic signal installations for the City of Boulder, Colorado. Prepared median island design proposals, cost estimates, and public hearing presentation material for the City of Thornton, Colorado. Designed plans for traffic signals, pavement markings and signs for the Alameda Parkway Project, City of Denver, Colorado, including quantity estimates and specifications for contract bid items. Prepared condition diagrams and traffic signal coordination progression timing in downtown Denver for the 16th Street Bus and Pedestrian Mall for the Regional Transportation District and the City of Denver, Colorado.

Local Government Positions


County of Ventura, California

  • Deputy Director in charge of the Traffic and Transportation Division in the Transportation Department of the Ventura County Public Works Agency. Responsible for managing the Traffic, Encroachment Permit and Transportation Planning Sections. Duties included Development Review, Traffic Mitigation Fee Program, Regulation of Filming Activities and Storm Damage Assessment. General Plan consistency issues and defending the County against road related litigation are major areas of responsibility.

City of Ventura, California

  • City Transportation Engineer in charge of all transportation and traffic related programs, funding of ISTEA and TEA-21 projects, Petroleum Violation Signal Coordination Grant Program, update of the City’s General Plan and Circulation Element. Project Manager of the Capital Projects funded by the City’s Traffic Mitigation Fee Program and Gas Tax Fund. Responsible for making presentations at City Council and Planning Commission meetings, as well as communicating with the press and holding public workshops.
  • Responsible for the Traffic Operations section which implements low cost, short-term traffic improvement projects to improve traffic safety and capacity at critical intersections. Provided technical assistance for the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program aimed at calming traffic on residential streets. Supervised the Transportation Planning section, which reviews all new development applications and public improvement construction plans. Project manager in charge of coordinating all transit services in the City provided through South Coast Area Transit. Responsible for implementing a traffic signal and video surveillance system. In charge of citizen request and information program.

Santa Barbara County, California

  • Senior Planning and Development Engineer in charge of the Development Review, Plan Check, Encroachment Permit and Traffic Engineering sections of the Planning and Development Division. Prepared annual budget for each section; developed annual and long-range program development; reviewed environmental documents and plans for private development and other public agency projects; coordinated with other divisions, departments, federal, state and local agencies, private engineers, contractors, property owners, utility companies, elected officials and the public.
  • Supervised and reviewed preparation of environmental documents, plans, specifications and estimates for road projects; prepared written and oral engineering reports; coordinated County-supported Transit Systems. Developed, interpreted and presented Departmental policies; evaluated existing or proposed legislation; consulted with County Counsel and appeared in court as an expert witness when necessary. Coordinated with Area Planning Council and Resource Management Department in the updating of the Circulation Element of the General Plan; member of the County’s Traffic Engineering Committee and responsible for handling all requests related to traffic engineering.

City of Santa Rosa, California

  • Traffic Engineer in charge of the Traffic Engineering Division and all aspects of traffic engineering responsibilities; reviewed all construction plans, signing and striping plans as well as all work orders. Developed goals, objectives, and work plans for the Traffic Engineering Division. Reviewed all Traffic Impact studies, prepared budgets for the Traffic Engineering Division and made presentations to City Council, Traffic and Parking Committee and Planning Commission.
  • Prepared signal timing plans for all signalized intersections; project manager on implementing a microcomputer based Traffic Signal Surveillance system. Conducted traffic safety studies and developed computerized systems for identifying, analyzing and improving high accident locations. Handled meetings to address citizen neighborhood traffic problems. Developed microcomputer system to assist in Traffic Engineering analyses and systematic count data collection program. Provided input to the Capital Improvement Program and technical support to the City Attorney and his staff.

City of Lakewood, Colorado

  • Principal Traffic Engineer in charge of development review, traffic safety and street lighting program in the Traffic Engineering Division and the administration of the State Highway Access Code. Coordinated the review of plans and public improvement agreements for private development; attended Planning Commission hearings; reviewed traffic impact and parking analysis studies; managed traffic impact studies contracted by the city. Project Manager for the preparation of the City’s Functional Plan and various Capital Improvement Projects; developed Design Standards for adoption into City ordinances. Reviewed geometric design plans for street improvements and prepared preliminary functional design plans for City reconstruction projects by laying out street alignments in developing areas. Assisted in the development of the City’s accident data storage system, conducting Traffic Safety studies and preparing construction plans for design projects. Reviewed street lighting and construction signing plans. Determined signal timing, using Passer II-80 and the Multisonics VMS 220 signal coordination system.

Jefferson County, Colorado

  • Transportation Planning Engineer in charge of the Planning Section of the Transportation Division. Coordinated the review of plans for private development proposals in Jefferson County; attended Board of Supervisors hearings; prepared Traffic Impact reports for proposed road network changes. Conducted transportation studies for specific areas within Jefferson County and coordinated preparation of technical reports on sections of the existing road network in most need of improvement.

City of Phoenix, Arizona

  • Section Supervisor in the Design, Planning, and Safety Division of the Traffic Engineering Department. Prepared safety reports to reduce accidents at high hazard locations and conducted before and after studies to evaluate safety improvements. Coordinated, streamlined, and modernized the Traffic Accident Record Storage Data system using photogrammetry; prepared presentations for public hearings on proposed median island, bottleneck and major street improvement programs. Prepared reports on experimental traffic engineering projects and researched current problems in traffic operations; advisor for the traffic safety and public education campaigns of the Phoenix Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee.

Greater London Council, England

  • Assistant Engineer in the Road Safety conducting traffic safety studies, developing neighborhood traffic management plans as well as installing roundabouts, pedestrian light controlled (PELICAN) crossings and bus priority lanes, and evaluating the Oxford Street Pedestrian and Transit Mall. Assignments also included researching various techniques for reducing roadway collisions and publishing papers summarizing the results of a variety of research projects.