Affiliations & Awards

Professional Affiliations

  • Fellow Member of Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
  • Member of American Public Works Association
  • Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers
  • National Committee on MUTCD
  • Career Guidance Chairman, ITE District 6
  • Vice Chairman, Department 6, ITE Technical Council
  • ITE International Director
  • ITE Traffic Engineering Council Vice Chair
  • ITE International President
  • ITE Pedestrian and Bicycle Task Force Chair
  • ITE Public Agency Council Chair

Achievements & Awards

  • ITE Western District Lifetime Achievement Award
  • ITE Wayne T. Van Wagoner Award
  • ITE District 6, Section Technical Award
  • ITE International Section Technical Award
  • ITE Urban Traffic Engineering Individual Achievement Award
  • APWA/ASCE Engineer of the Year Award, Engineers Week
  • ITE Edmund R. Ricker International Traffic Safety Award
  • ITE Burton W. Marsh Award
  • ITE District 6 Individual Achievement Award
  • Ventura County Management Council Award for Innovation
  • ITE Coordinating Council Special Recognition Award
  • ITE Coordinating Council Special Best Technical Project Award
  • Stride and Ride Individual Leadership Award